The biggest question is

Outsource the participation registration / abstract handling, or do it yourself?

An interesting question, but what is the answer? There is no right answer. There is only a right answer for you and that is depending on your situation. The good news is that Parthen can accommodate you in both worlds. When it comes to registration Parthen is the partner for you. We provide excellent software solutions for you to register your participants and handle abstracts. For some clients software is not what they are looking for.
“Please take care of the whole process for me” is what we often hear. Some of our clients just lack the resources, expertise or time to handle a precious process like congress or event registration.

We have listed below some elements to consider if you wish to outsource congress and event registration:

1. Smooth registration process

Personalized for an individual or for a group. Our sites will show different rates, sessions, hotels and various other registration steps. This way we avoid asking for unnecessary data to certain people. All forms are set up in a style that matches your preferences.

2. Abstract submission, reviewing and more

Authors submit and reviewers review, online. Whether it’s a paper or a regular abstract, with or without co-authors and presenters. We set it up, communicate with all the authors and process all data. Resulting in a scientific program. You are the director, we do the work.

3. Effective credit management

If attendance requires a payment, then attendees receive an invoice or process an online payment. In case of late payments we send reminders or even collect payments onsite. After, we take care of a complete financial closure. We have a proven track record that we collect.

4. Professional registration secretariat

By mail or phone attendees may ask us anything. We are the link between the organization and the attendees. This may include full correspondence on matters such as, registration, travel and hotel arrangements and all sorts of announcements.

5. Flexible partnership

Whether it is for one conference or a long-term (multi event) partnership. We are a flexible partner. We know your client’s demands may change during the event preparations. Often imposed by the number of attendees registered. We will act accordingly, no questions asked.

6. Only onsite assistance or badge printing

Ranging from sending an invitation to onsite assistance, we can do it all. Whether you outsource the entire registration track or just a small part of it. Badge printing, onsite scanning, sending evaluations we love to help you out.

We are proud of our clients

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