About us

At Parthen you`ll get a sense of relief. With our experience you can rest assured. Success guaranteed, always!

Every single person working at Parthen wants to make a success out of it. For us, pleasure and enthusiasm is crucial. We nourish and stimulate curiosity and we are open to new ideas.

We want to make a difference as a company. We want to change the game of our industry. Why? Parthen is more than what you can observe from the outside from a distance. When you come closer, you’ll notice that there really is more: an extra dimension. How far that dimension will reach and how much you will get to see of it, is up to our people, our clients and our stakeholders.

Parthen actually is a stamp for quality, reliability and trustworthiness. Our continuing satisfaction survey asking the NPS questions, results in a +47 score.

We believe in why we do, what we do.

An array of products and services aimed at arranging the prepatory process of a conference or event for associations, corporations and agencies in Europe.